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The Mystery of the Third Blessing

The first account in Genesis begins and ends with mysteries. The first mystery is that before the beginning, the unidentified god (the Creator), darkness and deep waters existed. The account ends with the second mystery -- Creator’s blessing of the Seventh Day. in the eyes of ancient readers the Seventh Day would have be seen as the most important of the seven days. Continue reading at -

But what if a lot of us have been wrong about a lot of things . . . maybe about life after death?

How many of us have spent a lot of our lives being wrong -- not about everything – but about some important things. Now let’s expand that thought to generations of people who lived their whole lives being wrong about some big things? Continue reading at --

Discovering Ancient Wisdom Embedded in the words of Genesis

As we study the words of the opening accounts of Genesis we will help you see the its words through the eyes of the scribes too – and you will be amazed by the ancient wisdom embedded in stories you may have heard all of your life. Continue reading at --

Knowing the difference between self-evident truths and religious truths.

To invoke the “Creator” as the only basis of the “‘truths” of the new nation would be a very authoritarian and religious approach to truth. In his original rough draft, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths sacred and undeniable . . .” But that is not what we find in the Declaration of Independence. Continue reading at --

Thomas Jefferson and “The Creator” in the Declaration of Independence.

Who is the “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence? Most people mistakenly believe that Thomas Jefferson wrote the above words so it must be his God. But Thomas Jefferson did not write the Declaration of Independence and present it to the Continental Congress. Continue reading at --

How the TOV Standard Can Change Your Life and Relationships

The TOV Standard is found in the first chapter of Genesis. Its presence is reflected in stories throughout Jewish and Christian Scriptures. However, benefiting from the TOV Standarddoes not require belief in any theology or relationship to any organized religion. The TOV Standard transforms the ways people make decisions, judge human behaviors, create relationships and work with others to change things. Continue reading at --

Hating with a Divine Standard

The Bible opens with some radical new ideas for the ancient world:
The god that created the Heaven and the Earth “used a standard” to measure its work.
● “Human life” was the highest value on that divine standard.
That god also “created all humans in its image.”
But one of the most radical ideas of all was this – continue reading at –

Prophets and Prophecies

The English word “prophet” is a transliteration of the Greek word προφήτηςwhich means “an interpreter of oracles or of other hidden things.” The Greek meaning is the one many people attach to the word “prophet” in their Bibles. But it is very different from the Hebrew meaning -- which is the one that the Jewish Jesus and his first generation of followers had. Learn more by clicking on --

Core Values and Simple Sets of Rules for Dealing with Very Complex Problems

Today we are immersed in a society that, since the late 1960s, has been changing its “core values.” America is transitioning to a society with the following fourcore values -- money, individualism, rights and entertainment. This transition, however, comes at a very high price. Read more at --

Did Jesus do away the Bible and Constitution?

If someone had walked into our church and said, “Jesus did away with the Bible and Constitution!” – he would risk being stoned on the spot! But, if our preacher had walked into Jesus’s hometown synagogue, the one Yeshua (aka Jesus) faithfully attended every Saturday and preached this -- “We are not under the Law because Jesus fulfilled it!” – he would have also risked being stoned. Read article at --

Our Beliefscapes are Our Realities.

Beliefscapes give us a new way to talk about things that only exist in the neural networks of our brains. By exploring together we learned when and how new belief models came into being and old models faded from memories and changed beliefscapesand doing this together changed our individual beliefscapes and our realities.

Sadducees and Pharisees: Fire + Gasoline

How would like to be the one in charge of managing an environment in which fire and gasoline were always in close proximity to one another? That’s how the Romans viewed Judea, Sadducees and Pharisees. Judea was the environment and Sadducees and Pharisees were the fire and gasoline. Read the complete email at -

Rediscovering the “sacred” through the Declaration of Independence

The Creator’s TOV Standard, the Tzedaqah Standard of the Jewish Jesus and the Declaration of Independence share something in common. Is the God invoked in the Declaration the Christian God or a deist god? Although Jefferson used “God” just this once, he put the word “sacred” in the text three times. Read the complete email at -

The Emergence of Rabbinic Judaism

The Israelites are Jacob’s descendants, the offspring of “the man that wrestled with a god and men, and prevailed.” For the purposes of this discussion, the history of Judaism will be divided into three periods – Pre-Temple Period, The Temple Period, and Post-Temple Period. What is now called “Judaism” was invented in the matrix of Roman culture. Read the complete email at -

So, what do you do when you know you are wrong? Change your BS!

Change your BS! Back in our old realities being labeled as “the person who was wrong” could destroy the career of preacher or rabbi. Who would want to listen to a person like that? Today, encountering a preacher or rabbi – or any other human – who has never been wrong sets off all kinds of BS Alarms.

The Only Two Power Options Humans Have

Exercising power is one thing you invest a tremendous amount of time and energy in every day of your life – and you have been doing it from the first day of your life. Power is so much a part of human life that most people are not consciously aware of when they are exercising power or when power is being exercised on them.

Letting the Jewish Jesus explain his movement in his own words (Part 3)

What do you believe the Jewish Jesus would think about the extremely popular salvation messages that say “people are not saved by works” (what people do have nothing to do with their eternal destinies)!All God cares about is “believing the right things!” Read the complete message at --

Five Temples of Judaism

In truth, there have always been varieties of Judaism, even when the Jerusalem Temple dominated Israelite religious practice in the Ancient Near East. The bottom line is that throughout the “Second Temple Period,” there were other Jewish temples with their priests and they were rivals of the Second Temple in Jerusalem and its priesthood. Read more at --

The Power of Having a Defined Standard in Your Life!

It is important to understand that no religious institution or theology is required. This isn’t a special power bestowed on just members of a group. It isn’t a power that can be taken away. But it isn’t a power that is magically bestowed on us. Learn more at -

Human Lives are Valued more than Religious Institutions and Rituals

Human lives are valued more than religious institutions and rituals by the unnamed god in the first account in Genesis. That message is repeated throughout the Hebrew Scriptures and the teachings of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels. Read the complete short articles at -

Yom Kippur (Rabbinic Version) Begins at Sundown Today.

Our focus in Exploring Our Biblical Heritages has been primarily on the dramatic changes in Christianity over the past 2,000 years. Judaism has also undergone dramatic changes in that same period. One example of those changes can be seen in how the Holy Day of Yom Kippur is celebrated. Read the complete article at --

We Are All Created to be Creators!

One of the most powerful beliefs in the history of mankind is found in this creation account – all people are created in the image of the Creator! Tribal and religious belief systems place every one in “us vs. them groups.” That makes it much easier to harm, hate and kill “them.” But, for people who view all humans “as creatures created in the image of god” -- harming, hating and killing another human is a very different situation. Read the complete article at --

The Real Meaning of “Jesus Christ Son of God.”

Our goal is to educate by providing culturally and linguistically accurate information.Today I am going to put pieces of information from previous emails together to reveal the real meaning (culturally and linguistically accurate) of the words “Jesus Christ Son of God.” Click on this link to continue reading --

The God, a god or a human and what about the Holy Spirit?

In one of his bestsellers, The Da Vinci Code, author Dan Brown wrote: “History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books - books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe.
Early Christianity is the period from the beginning of the second century CE until 325. As Christianity spread throughout other nations and Gentiles became Christians, five centers of Christianity emerged -- Jerusalem, Antioch, Rome, Alexandriaand Byzantium(renamed Constantinoplein 330 CE). The five bishops that controlled those centers became powerful Christian authorities and their rulings defined what Christianity was and how it would be practiced. Read the complete article at –

What does Son of God mean?

The words, “Son of God,” have created more confusion about Jesus than probably any other words ever used to describe him. For many centuries, powerful Christian leaders have argued, turned against one other, physically punished and even executed those who dared disagree with their Gentile meanings (non-Jewish) of “Son of God.” Read the complete article (and subscribe for FREE) at

Our brains search for evidence that confirm and support our trusted beliefs.

In the past, scientists thought information simply flowed in the brain and it searched through it to see what was going on outside the skull and then filed things like beliefs in some kind of folders. They viewed the brain as a giant filing cabinet. New science-based discoveries are rewriting the book on belief systems. Read complete article at –

The Highest Standard of All -- The TOV Standard!

A lot of parents have great standards for providing the “right things” for their child’s stomach to digest, but know nothing about the Biology of Beliefs and the importance of providing their child’s brain with “TOV things” for it to ingest.

Actually his name was not Jesus.

So, how can I say, “Actually his name was not Jesus”? The reason I am saying it is because we follow a guideline in our Bible studies and discussion groups that says, “My belief system will be large enough to include all of the facts . . . .”

When Christianity became the Religion of the Roman Empire and Changed!

In 383, Theodosius Iofficially declared Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire, thus bringing the movement begun by Constantine the Great full circle.The Roman Catholic Church now became the state church with the power to suppress or control its rivals.

Putting Beliefs about Our Bibles on the Table.

The next step that brings even more transparency is for participants in a Bible study or discussion to let each other know “their beliefs about the words of their Bible.” What we believe about the words in our Bible affects how we view and understand them. Read this educational email at --

What Does Christ Mean?

One of the most important words for Christians is the word “Christ.” There are two very good reasons why it is so important.
1. Jesus Christ
2. Christian = Christ + ian
Learn what it meant to the Jewish Jesus.

Did Babylonian texts influence the scribes who produced the first scroll with the opening books of the Bible?

Did Babylonian texts influence the scribes who produced the first scroll with the opening books of the Bible? For example, the story of a Great Flood sent by the gods to destroy all human life, but one good man is warned of the impending deluge and instructed to build an ark? Click here to read complete educational email --

Did Changing the Names of Days Make a Difference?

Did changing the names of days make a difference in the cultures and lives of our ancestors? Does calling today “The Sixth Day of Creation,” or, “The Day of goddess Venus,” or, “The Day of goddess Frigg,” or just “Friday” make a difference?

Did you know there was more than one Christ?

For people with a Christian biblical heritage like mine, that may sound like heresy or blasphemy. From the time I began attending Sunday School classes at our Baptist church until after I became an ordained minister, I had only heard about one “Christ” -- Jesus Christ. Read complete email at --

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What are Jots and Tittles?

What was Jesus talking about when he said “jot or tittle”? The first thing to always remember when you read the words of Jesus in English is that Jesus didn’t speak English. Discovering what a “jot” is reveals much more than just the meaning of the word – it reveals the language he was speaking. Clicking on this link to read the complete article

Exploring Biblical Heritages or Defending Unexamined Beliefs?

In July it “hit me” that it was in August of 1980 that I began the journey that led to the founding of the Biblical Heritage Center in 1999 -- and the work we do today. I really couldn’t believe that thirty-nine years have passed since I prayed the prayer that launched my journey. If you missed that article, click here to read it.

Over the past few weeks I have ventured back into remote areas of BHC’s large databases. Some of that information goes back to 1985. I literally hadn’t seen some of those files in decades. But seeing them again and thinking about that information in light of what I now know was a very enlightening experience. I realized that my mindset had changed dramatically without my being aware of it. Click here to read the complete article.

Does Your Belief System Include These Facts About “The Bible”?

Participants in BHC Bible studies and discussion groups agree to follow this guideline:
My Belief System will be large enough to include all of the facts, open enough to be examined and questioned, and flexible enough to change if errors or new facts are discovered.
An important skill participants learn is how to make accurate distinctions between fact-based statements, institutional beliefs, individual beliefs and random opinions. Now let’s learn about some facts about the Bible.
The first fact about “the Bible” is that “the Bible” is an Identity Meme used by Christians to refer to “Christian Scriptures.” “Scriptures” in this context refers to “canonized writings by an institution with authority.”
When Jesus referred to “Scriptures” he was referring writings called the Torah, Prophets and Psalms. In addition he quoted from other books that are in the Tanakh (Jewish Scriptures today). The books of the Tanakh are found in “Christian Scripture” where they are called “the Old Testament.

The Beginning of My 39-Year Journey!

The Beginning of My 39-Year Journey! By Jim Myers
Me Back Then!
Thirty-nine years ago this month I began the journey that led to the work we do today at the Biblical Heritage Center. In my wildest dreams I could have never imagined where that journey would lead. If you would like to understand the motivation behind many of the things I have done and written about for almost 40 years, read the opening chapter of my story at --
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August 10th and the Destruction of the Jerusalem Temples

Tisha B’Av Begin August 10th at Sundown
From sunset August 10th until nightfall August 11th is Tisha B'Av – the Remembrances of the destruction of the First and Second Temples. Although a large number of disasters are said to have befallen the Jews on this day, the major commemoration is of the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem in 586 BCE and 70 CE, respectively. Central to the observance of this day is fasting. Although the exact date of the destruction of each of the Temples–the ancient centers of Jewish life and practice –are unknown, tradition dates the events to Tisha B’Av – the 9th of the Jewish month of Av.
For more information read “The Temple and Its Destruction” –
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LORD or Lord or Something else? (BHC Power Bible Study)

We just launched BHC Power Bible Studies. They are short, focused and designed to fit in busy schedules. Use them at home alone or with family members, when you travel, in the workplace, at church, over lunch, on social media with friends, etc.
The first BHC Power Bible Study is LORD or Lord or Something Else? It focuses on Psalm 110:1, a verse Jesus quoted in a discussion with a scribe at the Temple -- “The Lord said to my Lord . . .” Find out what the words “LORD” and “Lord” mean. Go to the BHC Power Bible Studies Page on our website at --

Free Bible Study Tools

One of the most visited pages on the BHC website is “Bible Study Tools.” You will find Hebrew, Greek and Latin tools, multiple English translations, information about ancient manuscripts, dictionaries, encyclopedias, our free Hebrew and Greek Transliterators, and more. There is also a link to our “How Words Work” series.
For those who do not work with Hebrew, Greek or Latin, we encourage you to incorporate the Parallel Hebrew-English Bible in your Bible studies of the Old Testament and the Parallel Greek-English Bible when you study the New Testament. At the very least, we encourage you to use more than just one English translation anytime you study the Bible. There are multiple versions available at your fingertips.
Bookmark our Bible Study Tools Page
There is a link to it in the menu at the top of every page. Use it often and share it with members of your Bible Study Group, family and friends. All of the tools are free and using the…

God please show me what You want me to learn!

It was in August 1980 and I was preparing to enter a Bible College to train to become an ordained minister when it happened! I could have never guessed how much it would influence the course of life for the next thirty-nine years and hopefully many more.  I had just returned home after purchasing a new Bible to use in my studies. I opened the box, took it out, opened it and prayed this prayer:
Dear God, please show me what You want me to learn.”
Immediately the following words popped into my mind:
Unless you know how words work, you cannot understand the words of the Bible.”

My first thought was, “What in the heck does that mean?” The second thought was, “Was that from God or just some random thought that came out of thin air?” So, what did I do? I forgot about it – or at least I thought I had. Read the complete article at -

Updating Our Website & New Mail List

We are in the process of updating the Biblical Heritage Center website and information delivery systems. The new homepage provides a preview of new sections of the website that we will be adding and the topics we will be discussing on our new mail list. The new mail list is for people who want more than just what they see on social media. At the bottom of the home page is a place to subscribe to our new mail list. Subscribe Today! Tell your friends about this too!

The Biblical Heritage Journey

While the Biblical Heritage Center is certainly about the book we call the Bible, it is also about much more.It is about all the beliefs, doctrines, ideas, legal systems, traditions, folklore, religions, religious institutions, educational systems, philosophies, and sciences that have been influenced by the Bible and/or that have influenced the Bible.Many of these are not only related but also interrelated.This dynamic relationship has played a major role in the development and evolution of these disciplines and has formed the basis for what we know about them today.Chances are very good that you have a biblical heritage, even if you are an atheist or agnostic.The better you understand that heritage, the more focused you will be in understanding the world of your ancestors and the world in which you now live. Read the entire article at –