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The Transliteration that Restores the Original Messages of Jesus

The more you study the biblical text using the BHC linguistic skills, the clearer it becomes that many chapter and verse breaks were inserted in the wrong places. When that happens the context may be adversely affected or destroyed. It is very important to learn to learn how to ignore the chapter and verse markers and define the context by following the flow of what is written. One of the obvious examples of verse markers being in the wrong place can be seen in contexts where the Greek word “AMEN” appears in the Gospels. Being able to understand this blog will help you reconstruct the original messages and points that Jesus made. Read the blog at --

Looking at Christianity From the Other End of the Timeline

When we look back down the timeline of Christianity to the period in which Jesus lived, an inch on the timeline can cover centuries.  The importance of many of the events that took place during that inch are unknown today, along with the people that lived in that inch. This is a reality that every genealogist comes to understand very quickly. We also learn another very important truth – every one of the people in my line of ancestors had to live for me to exist. It took them all to create my DNA.

But, there is more to each of us than a collection of genes that made their way across time to become our part of our DNA – our beliefs were also making their way across time to become part of our Belief Systems.  Genes and beliefs both affect how we understand, view and understand our world and the things that happen in it. Until we learn about the journeys of our genes and beliefs, we live our lives completely unaware of their origins and roles. Read the complete blog at -- http://fromonejes…

Putting Time In Perspective

Humans are good at a lot of things, but putting time in perspective is not one of them. It's not our fault—the spans of time in human history, and even more so in natural history, are so vast compared to the span of our life and recent history that it's almost impossible to get a handle on it. If the Earth formed at midnight and the present moment is the next midnight, 24 hours later, modern humans have been around since 11:59:59pm—1 second. And if human history itself spans 24 hours from one midnight to the next, 14 minutes represents the time since Jesus lived in ancient Israel. Check out the graphics in this article because they really put things in perspective --

Understanding the World of Yeshua

The opening series of blogs I posted are designed to introduce visitors to the Jewish Jesus and his world. If you haven’t read them yet or would like to review them, click on the links below. The more you can learn about his world, the better you will be able to understand his message and recognize those which were not.
08/15/13 - How "Yeshua" Became "Jesus" 08/16/13 - A Day and Week in the Life of Yeshua 08/19/13 - Living and Walking With the Real Yeshua 08/20/13 - Water in Yeshua’s World 08/21/13 - Experiencing the Temple that Yeshua Knew 08/22/13 - The Eighth Day of Yeshua’s Life 08/23/13 - Yeshua’s First Trip to the Temple 08/26/13 - When Yeshua Went to the Temple Daily
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Shalom & be empowered!

What are the moral, ethical, religious & spiritual implications of the current banking model?

What are the moral, ethical, religious & spiritual implications of the current banking model that is used around the world? How much of a factor is it in creating and perpetuating the economic inequality that exists in our world today. Read the blog at --

How Money Is Created: Part 2 - Making Money Out of Thin Air

In Part 1 of this series, How Money Is Created, we learned how the Federal Reserve Bank creates money in the form of Federal Reserve I.O.U.s called “Federal Reserve Notes.” In this part we will learn about the origin of another form of money called “Bank Credit.” The story begins in the Netherlands in the 17th century.

The Netherlands had become a commercial crossroads where the East and West met and created a new economic class -- the first middlemen. They discovered how to make huge profits by purchasing unfinished imported products, finishing them, and then selling them to exporters. They became accomplished craftsmen and benefited handsomely.
Read the complete blog at --

The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil

Those who want to get richfall into temptation and a trapand into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.For the love of moneyis a root of all evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faithand pierced themselves with many griefs. (1 Timothy 6:9-10)

This Bible warns us of the dangers of “the love of money,” but no one teaches us where our money comes from. I also write another blog called "The Country Cogitator" and today’s subject was: “How Money Is Created.” This is something you probably didn't learn about in school or college. You also probably didn’t learn about it at your church or synagogue or from a political party. Read the blog at --

Religious difference and war: The sharp edge of sectarianism

WHENEVER conflict flares between groups of people who are divided by theology (often rather obscure points of theology), commentators will say: "Of course, it's not really about religion—the actual cause has to do with economics, or geopolitics, or just tribal identity..."
And the clever commentators have a point. In Northern Ireland, Protestants and Catholics do not fight  because they disagree over the pope or rosary beads; they fight because the former mostly want to remain part of the United Kingdom while the latter yearn (eventually, at least) to join the Irish republic. But that doesn't mean that religion is completely irrelevant. At least in the recent past, if Protestant firebrands wanted to whip up anti-Catholic sentiment, it was convenient to portray their adversaries as practitioners of an exotic and vaguely frightening cult, and their own side as a people mandated by God to maintain the truth in a hostile land. Even if religion is not the main cause of con…

Part 2: How to Transliterate Hebrew Words

The purpose of this lesson is to make you more familiar with specific Hebrew letters. You have probably noticed that some of them look very similar and that there are cases where two Hebrew letters are transliterated by the same English letters. You will also learn the Hebrew Alphabet Song so you can easily memorize the Hebrew alphabet. Click here to go to lesson --

Pew Research Center Polls Reveal Interesting Insights About Islam

Pew Research Center polls conducted in 2011-2012 find high levels of concern about sectarian tensions in several countries where Sunnis and Shias live side by side. These concerns are particularly pronounced in Lebanon, where fully two-thirds of all Muslims, including about half of Shias and 80% of Sunnis, say sectarian tensions are a very big or moderately big problem. Roughly half of all Muslims in Iraq, more than four-in-ten in Afghanistan and nearly a quarter in Iran say the same. Some key findings are summarized below:
(1) In four of the five countries surveyed, sizable percentages of both Shias and Sunnis are concerned about sectarian conflict.
(2) Substantial percentages of Muslims in four of the five countries surveyed say they are very or somewhat concerned about religious extremism.
(3) In four of the five countries where substantial numbers of Shias and Sunnis were surveyed, most Muslims say they are very free to practice their faith. But only about half (48%) of all Muslims i…

Was “The Early Church” Really “The Early Church” or Like Your Church?

Historian Paul Johnson made an important observation about “Early Christianity”:
Yet what was Christian heresy? And, for that matter, what was the Church? Most of our knowledge of early Christian history comes from the writings of Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea in the fourth century, Eusebius was in many ways a conscientious historian, and he had access to multitudes of sources, which have since disappeared. But he believed, and was therefore concerned to demonstrate by his presentation of the evidence, that a Christian Church, vested with the plenitude of Christ’s teaching, and with divine authority to uphold it, had been ordained by Jesus right at the beginning, and had then been solidly established by the first generation of apostles. Moreover, it had triumphantly survived the attempts of various heretics to tamper with the truth it passed on intact from generation to generation.  This view is a reconstruction for ideological purposes . . . He wanted to show that the Church he represen…

How to Transliterate Greek Words

Learning how to transliterations of Greek and Hebrew words will elevate your level of Bible study skills tremendously. Even if you have never seen a Greek word before, in the next 10 minutes you will learn how to use the BHC Greek Transliterator and will be working with the Greek language. We created this Bible Study Tool to help you & it is FREE! Click on the following link to learn how to transliterate Greek words & download you FREE BHC Greek Transliterator --

What the News Doesn’t Tell You About What’s Really Going On in the Middle East

If you want to know the facts about what’s going on in the Middle East, instead of the highly politicized accounts produced for by news organizations that clearly have their own agendas – take time to watch this short video. Gil Elan is the president and CEO of Southwest Jewish Congress. He is a formerLieutenant Colonel in the IDF and widely regarded expert onIsraeland the Middle East. I have no doubt that you will be surprised at the real causes of the current conflicts – especially the role that multinational corporations are playing in the current negotiations. Make sure you share this with as many people as possible.
The short overview video (approximately 30 min.) is at --
A longer much more detailed analysis (about 90 min.) is at --

Gil also holds regular briefing in Dallas and Ft. Worth that are open to the public. Check the SWJC website for the schedule & sign up for alerts -- http://swjc.o…

How to Transliterate Hebrew Words Even if You Do Not Know Hebrew

Learning how to transliterations of Greek and Hebrew words will elevate your level of Bible study skills tremendously. Even if you have never seen a Hebrew word before, in the next 10 minutes you will learn how to use the Hebrew Transliterator and will be working with the Hebrew language. We created this Bible Study Tool to help you & it is FREE! Click on the following link to learn how to transliterate Hebrew words & download the FREE Hebrew Transliterator --

The Salvation Message of Jesus: Light and Darkness

The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, if you are a generous person that gives to the poor your whole body will be full of light. But if you are a stingy or greedy person who gives his poor needy brother nothing, your whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness! (Matthew 6:22-23)
My two previous blogs have unlocked the meanings of the two idioms Yeshua used in the verses above:
(1) good eyea generous person that gives to the poor (2) evil eyea stingy or greedy person who gives his needy brother nothing
Now let’s turn our attention to the words light and darkness. In the Jewish culture light and life are often used synonyms. Read the complete article at --

What Really Happened at YAHWEH’s House?

According to I Kings, 480 years after the Israelites came out of Egypt King Solomon began building The House of YAHWEH (The First Temple). As Solomon grew older his wives pressured him to recognize and worship their gods and goddesses too. Ultimately Solomon became involved with all of them and even appointed the priest who served at their deities. What did his subjects think when they saw their king worshipping foreign deities? Would they do the same and simply view YAHWEH as just another god? Read the complete article by clicking on –