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You Are Not Generation Z (Pat Sajak, Host, Wheel of Fortune)

The following excerpt is adapted from an address given by Pat Sajak (Host, Wheel of Fortune)to the first graduating class of Founders Classical Academy in Leander, Texas, on May 27, 2017; one of 16 classical K-12 charter schools currently operating under the auspices of Hillsdale College’s Barney Charter School Initiative. Pat Sajak gives unique insights about a special class of what we call a specific class of “weaponized memes” at the TOV Center Realities Transformations Initiative -- identity politics.
“So let me instead suggest a pitfall to avoid going forward, a pitfall not only for this year’s graduates, but for everyone in every corner of American society today. It has altered the way we talk to one another and perceive one another. It has perverted the notion of free speech and poisoned the academic environment. It has turned the American political system on its head, creating a situation where opposing views are not only unwelcome, they are deemed to be signs of evil intent. I…