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Rosh Ha'Shanah and Yom Kippur 5777: Downsizing Reflections

(Sunday at sundown, October 2, 2016, is the beginning of Rosh Ha'Shanah – the beginning of the new year of 5777.)

Well, Here I am. My kids are grown and moving out and on with their lives. (Thank you Lord!) The home for the last 16 years is being readied to go on the market. We just don't realize how much "stuff" we accumulate over the years, PLUS, all the "important things" we've shlepped around with us from before! This period of my life was at once one of the happiest and saddest, highest and lowest. Everything accumulated here had a special meaning. This was Karen's home, I moved in when we married. This was "HOME!" Read Rabbi Leynor’s blog at --

Archaeologists Unearth Unique 12000 year old Galilee Grave of Female Shaman

A human foot and 86 tortoise shells were just some of the extraordinary finds discovered in the prehistoric grave of a female shaman in the Galilee, in northern Israel, dating back some 12,000 years. Also found in what archaeologists suspect was the burial site of a female shaman, who was living in a hunter-gatherer society, were an eagle’s wing, a leopard’s pelvic bone, the leg of a pig, and tailbone from a cow, and much more. The elaborate rituals revealed by the excavation at Hilazon Tachtit were unexpected in such a presumably primitive culture. See pictures and read complete article at --

“Solomon’s Palace” Discovered in Gezer, Israel

A palatial building discovered in Gezer, Israel, has been named ‘Solomon’s Palace’ by the team who unearthed it. Intriguingly, the discovery could indicate that certain passages from the Bible were based on actual historical events. The spectacular building was constructed over 3,000 years ago, in the tenth century BCE, according to the archaeologists behind the discovery. Although no indication of which king, if any, lived in the palace has yet been found; the excavators believe it was likely built during the reign of King Solomon due to examples of Philistine pottery discovered at the site. According to the Bible, Philistines lived in Gezer until the city was vanquished by Solomon’s father, King David. Read complete article at --

Digital technology allows researchers to read 2000 year old charred scroll.

The charred lump of a 2,000-year-old scroll sat in an Israeli archaeologist’s storeroom for decades, too brittle to open. Now, new imaging technology has revealed what was written inside: the earliest evidence of a biblical text in its standardized form. The biblical scroll examined in the study was first discovered by archaeologists in 1970 at Ein Gedi, the site of an ancient Jewish community near the Dead Sea. Inside the ancient synagogue’s ark, archaeologists found lumps of scroll fragments. The synagogue was destroyed in an ancient fire, charring the scrolls. The dry climate of the area kept them preserved, but when archaeologists touched them, the scrolls would begin to disintegrate. So the charred logs were shelved for nearly half a century, with no one knowing what was written inside. See picture and read article at --

Ancient City Unearthed Where David Battled Goliath

Archaeologists believe they have found the location of the battle between David and Goliath, narrated in the Book of Samuel, in a mysterious two-gated city from the early 10th century. Known by its modern name, Khirbet Qeiyafa, the site is located in the the Elah Valley, 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem.The Jewish presence at Khirbet Qeiyafa was corroborated by the presence of thousands of sheep, goat, cow and fish bones, and the absence of non-kosher pig bones, Kaplan said. Evidence of cultic activity was also unearthed, as well as two inscriptions written in the Canaanite script. One was incised on a jar and contains the Hebrew name “Eshbaal [man of Baʿal], son of Beda.” The second was inscribed on a pottery shard with only a few identifiable words, including “king” and “judge.” Many of the letters reflect Hebraic writing, and Garfinkel said he believes this is the earliest written documentation of the Hebrew language discovered to date. Read complete article at -- https://www.algeme…

When Did the Real Yeshua Become the Son of God?

The answer to the “Son of God” question is the key to understanding the conflict that divided the Jewish followers of the Real Yeshua and the mixed group of followers of Paul called “Christians.” The importance of knowing “when” Yeshua became the “Son of God” is not understood by Christians today. But, I have no doubt that it was at the heart of many debates between the followers of Yeshua and those of Paul well into the second century. Why is this still so important? The validity of Paul’s apostleship, his gospel and many of the salvation messages
taught by Christian institutions today are linked to it! Read the complete article at --