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Time-Tested Ideas for Living Better Lives Today!

Several time-tested guiding ideas are parts of the foundations upon which Judaism, Christianity and the United States of America are built. They act like lighthouses to keep individuals and human collectives from crashing into unseen dangers. They are recorded in their founding documents which were written by survivors of previous crashes. These documents are the heritages they left to guide future generations to keep them from crashing into the same obstacles as they sailed through the dangerous waters of life. The first two are religious documents -- the Torah and Synoptic Gospels. The third is a political document -- the Declaration of Independence. Very recently, science has produced a fourth document – a scientific understanding of what humans are. We are the only generation in history to have access to all four.
The Torah
The words of the Torah were inscribed on a scroll by Ezra a Jewish Scribe around 450 BCE in Babylon. He lived in Babylon and was the descendant of Judeans who we…

A What Did What in the First Two Verses of Genesis?

How would the most intelligent entity in existence communicate with primitive humans? Let me put it another way -- how would you explain the creation of the Heavens and Earth to a bunch of two-year-olds? I guess we could try reciting tons of complex scientific data. That should keep their attention for about three seconds. Their brains haven’t even developed the capacity to process that kind of information. You will have to turn the points you want to make into a story they can understand. That’s what two-year-old brains are genetically hardwired for – hearing stories. Narratives are the default communications mode of humans of all ages and cultures.
The book of Genesis is treasure chest of some of the most powerful stories ever told. When we began digging into the words of the ancient Hebrew text of Genesis, it was like working on an archaeological dig – we discovered layers of stories linked to those ancient words. One of the amazing things we realized was that embedded in some of t…

One Idea Ezra, Jesus and Thomas Jefferson Agreed On!

One idea lays the foundation upon which Judaism, Christianity and the United States of America are built. It acts like the light of a lighthouse to keep individuals and collectives from crashing into unseen dangers. That idea is recorded in documents written by survivors of those crashes and their words are like maps they passed down to their descendants to prevent them from sailing into the same dangerous waters. The first map is in the Torah, the second is in the Synoptic Gospels and the third is in the Declaration of Independence. Read the complete blog at --

God and American Democracy