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Is Greed Really the Only Answer?

You have probably noticed that, according to what we hear and read in the media, it seems that whatever the problem facing Americans today is, it can be solved if we throw more money at it – political, economic, medical, educational, military, energy, etc. All we need is more money and all of our problems would be solved. If you look at the way the US Money Supply is expanding, from about six trillion in 2001 to over 14 trillion in 2007, and you believe that more money is all we need -- then we should not have many problems left.
Dr. Robert Jensen is a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. His latest book, Arguing For Our Lives: A User’s Guide to Constructive Dialog, is a must read for anyone that considers religion or politics an important part of life. Dr. Jensen addresses the question of whether greed is the only thing we can trust in to get people to do what is needed to solve many of today’s problems. Below are quotes from his book:
    “The co…

Digitized Vatican Library Goes Online

The Vatican is digitizing its 82,000-manuscript collection and putting 40 million pages of ancient manuscripts in the Vatican Library online. The project, finally up and running a year after its announcement, uses an armada of equipment to capture the vast range of pages amassed by the Vatican over five or six centuries into one of the world’s most valuable collection of books and manuscripts. Read the complete article at –

To go to Vatican Library click on --

Have You Ever Wondered Where Your Religion Came From?

Unless you belong to a recently created religion, you can be sure of one thing – your religion has changed and it is not identical to what it was at the beginning. This isn’t something that many religions teach their members or reveal to those considering joining. My denomination had only existed for 168 years, which means it didn’t exist during the 1,812 year gap between Jesus and its founding.  Eighteen centuries of history passed in which my denomination did not exist. Read about what I did – and then find out about where your religion came from? Can you think of any reason why you shouldn’t? Read complete article at --

The Arian Controversy

We are happy to announce a new online publication of the Biblical Heritage Center – From One Jesus to Many Christians: Discovering how one Jewish Movement became a universal Gentile religion, thousands of denominations, & billions of believers. It will contain articles about people and events that were important and influenced the development of Christianity.

The first issue is about “the Arian Controversy,” a major event that marked the transition from a Christianity that consisted of many different groups governed by local authorities to the Roman Catholic Church backed by the power of the Emperor of the Roman Empire. There are many important lessons that we can learn from this controversy. Read the complete article at –