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The Scrolls: Jesus In Context

However old and widespread the notion of “the Bible” as a series of books may be, though, it is a misleading concept.  The books of the Bible are not books in the modern sense of the word and did not exist as books in the ancient world. To see them as such distorts the historical reality. Read the complete blog at --

The Temple: Jesus In Context

From childhood until immediately before he was crucified by the Romans, Jesus participated in rituals and feasts at the Temple, as did members of other Jewish communities. Jesus taught at the Temple on numerous occasions, as did many other Jewish teachers. The Temple clearly played a central role in shaping Jewish thought. Read the complete blog at --

The Third Blessing and Mystery of the Seventh Day

In the seventh day the Creator completed Its mission, which It had made. The Creator rested on the seventh day from all Its mission, which It had made.

The key to understanding the Creator’s actions on the seventh day is discovering what the word “rested” meant to the ancient author and audience. The author couldn’t have made the importance of the seventh day any clearer, if he had painting a gigantic sign. Read the complete blog at --

The Second Blessing and Human Empowerment

The Creator now blesses the newly created Earth-soul creatures. Keep in mind that “to bless” means to “empower and endow” those creatures to do the following: be fruitful and multiply; fill the Earth; subdue her (the Earth); exercise power like a shepherd . . . Read the complete blog at --

Bishops, Emperors and Beliefs

There were Christian churches -- but not a Christian church, not one that was catholic, or universal -- until at least 325 CE, when the First Council of Nicea met (Thursday May 20th to Saturday June 19th) and formulated the first creed.1 The Council was called by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Why did the most powerful person in the Roman Empire call for a council of Christian bishops (leaders of the above churches) to assemble? Read the complete blog at --

Jesus In Context

Many years ago I was in Chicago doing research on Yeshua, the Jewish Jesus, with a friend. We were in a university library in downtown Chicago when the professor we were visiting with called out, “Hey Yeshua!” I quickly turned in the direction she was looking and saw a young man wave at her. But, for a split second, my brain was expecting to see another Yeshua – and that was a very weird experience. For years the only Yeshua in my mind was Jesus -- andI really wasn’t expecting to see him that day in Chicago. Read the complete blog at --

The Creation of the First Two Humans

The Creator said, "Let us make ADAM in our image . . . .”
The two underlined words have received a tremendous amount of attention and raised some very interesting questions over the past two thousand years.
(1) Who is the “us”?
(2) What is an ADAM?
Keep things in context” is a basic linguistic rule to remember when you are searching for answers to questions like these. Read the complete blog at --

The Creation of the First Earth-Soul Creatures

We have now entered the sixth day and the Creator turns Its attention to the dry ground beneath the dome. Three days earlier, the Creator spoke to the dry ground and told it to cause plant life to sprout, and that’s exactly what happened. Now the Creator tells the dry ground named Earth to do this -- “Cause to bring forth a living soul like her kind.” Find out what happens next by going to --

Creation of the First Soul Creatures

This is the first appearance of the Hebrew word NEFESh in the ancient text. It is the word we translated “soul.” It will appear 753 more times in the Jewish Scriptures. “Soul” is a theologically loaded word, which has created many challenges for translators. Read the complete blog at --

The Creation of the Lights in the Heavens

For three whole days the Creator has been creating and making things without the existence of the sun, moon and stars. Light existed above the surface of the deep waters, but beneath the dome, where the new forms of plant life were sprouting, there were no lights. Read the complete blog at --