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Do You Know Where You’re Going When You Die?

We've recently had some work done on our house. During the work, one of the workmen and I were talking and we drifted onto the topic of religion. He made a statement which I've heard a number of times before -- "Well, I know where I'm going when I die!" I thought to myself, how nice! I did not delve into a religious discussion with him, but how wonderful that he has the answer to probably the greatest mystery of life itself.

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Who Was the First Christ of the Bible and What Kind of Christ was Jesus?

A common assumption among people is that Christ was the last name of Jesus. There are two good reasons for this assumption.
(1) In our culture people are normally identified by two names, i.e., John Smith.
(2) In the English New Testaments most people read, he was called Jesus Christ.

Now let’s turn to the word “Christ” which we read in our Bibles. The first thing we must understand is that every English Bible is called a translation. The translators worked from ancient Greek manuscripts to make their translations. In those ancient manuscripts, when they saw the Greek word below they wrote “Christ” in their translation. Read the complete article at --

Would Jesus Want People to “BELIEVE IN” Him or “BELIEVE” Him?

What is the difference between “BELIEVING IN” Jesus and “BELIEVING” Jesus? Which would Jesus want Christians today to do? How does one little word “IN” change everything? How does it affect the quality of life for not only the 2 billion Christians in the world, but that of the other 5+ billion people they share the planet with? How does the “IN” affect the very meaning of what a Christian is, what a church does and what being a Christian nation means?
This is the single most important question that individual Christians and members of churches must answer – and they need to do ASAP! Why? Because the “IN” determines what Christians Value the Most & Where they Focus their Actions.

Church memberships have been in a steady decline for years, but Christianity is still one of the largest collectives in the world – and without question the largest in America! If just 3 Christians out of 10 decide “BELIEVING” Jesus is the answer and acted together – their impact would be tremendous on ind…

State Sponsored Manliness?

Interesting article from the New York Times about China's efforts to recruit more male teachers. Why? They're worried that a shortage of male teachers has produced a generation of timid, self-centered and effeminate boys. Chinese educators are working to reinforce traditional gender roles and values in the classroom. "Men have special duties, they have to be brave, protect women and take responsibility for wrongdoing." . . . The crux of the matter rests upon the idea that, "It isn't the responsibility of schools to teach boys to be boys. It's the responsibility of the parents." Read Rabbi Leynor’s complete blog at --

What is Real Power?

One of the definitions of power is -- a possession of control, authority or influence over others. Historically this has been done in two ways. The first and most widely used is PHYSICAL FORCE. Humans have a second Power Option -- VERBAL PERSUASION. It may also be used for destructive ends. How many people have knocked on your door to PERSUADE you that their beliefs are correct and yours are wrong, while trying to persuade you that you will somehow suffer eternal punishment if you do not agree with their beliefs? Read Rabbi Leynor’s complete blog at --

What if you had been there before creation began?

In the last Wisdom of the Beginnings Blog we found that three things existed before the creation process began:
(1) darkness
(2) a deep body of water with a surface

Is there a difference between the ELOHIYM that appeared in the Genesis 1:1 and RUACH ELOHIYM that appears here in the second verse? What does RUACH mean? Read the complete blog at --