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Yeshua Torah Readings for April 29th

The Real Yeshua Torah Readingsfor April 29th are:
Exodus 16:25-17:16 Isaiah 58:13
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Death in Ancient Egypt

To the ancient Egyptians, death was not the end of life but only a transition to another plane of reality. Once the soul had successfully passed through judgment by the god Osiris, it went on to an eternal paradise, The Field of Reeds, where everything which had been lost at death was returned and one would truly live happily ever after. Even though the Egyptian view of the afterlife was the most comforting of any ancient civilization, people still feared death.

Understanding Our Biblical Heritages (April Edition) now online.

Articles and features in the April edition of Understanding Our Biblical Heritages:
News & Updates
Passover: A Spiritual Lesson for Everyone by Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor
Saving Lives is Stronger than Death by Jim Myers
Who Inserted Chapters & Verses in the Bible by Jim Myers
Passover During the Time of Yeshua by Jim Myers
April Memorials May their memories inspire us.
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The Mystery of the Seventh Day

The First Creation Account in the book of Genesis opens and closes with mystery.  It opens with the mystery of what existed before the beginning and closes with the mystery of the Seventh Day. Mystery is a challenge for members of religions that have all of the answers and raising questions about things that do not line up with the official doctrines as avoided. The way we study the biblical text is to let it tell its own story, even if those stories disagree with what believe. Read our conversation about this very interesting mystery at –