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The Real Yeshua Torah Reading Schedule for May 20th

The Real Yeshua Torah Readings for May 20th are now online at

Thanksgiving and Blessings were a Regular Part of Yeshua’s Life

The actions of Yeshua and his disciples regarding prayer have deep roots in the Jewish customs and practices of the Second Temple period. Already in the daily life of Yeshua and his disciples, thanksgiving and blessing were an integral part of their everyday experience and customary practice. Read the complete blog at --

BHC Tweets You May Have Missed Today

Below are Tweets that we posted on the following accounts today – Biblical Heritage Center, The Real Yeshua and the TOV Center. There are links at the bottom of the Biblical Heritage Center’s and TOV Center’s Home Pages. Follow us there and get the Tweets live.
● Liberty without authority becomes license; authority without liberty becomes domination. (Mark Gerzon)
● Freedom without order becomes anarchy; order without freedom becomes dictatorship. (Mark Gerzon)
● Our political, religious, and/or cultural beliefs are the cornerstone of our identity. (Mark Gerzon)
● We are social animals. We hand on our genes as individuals, but we survive only in groups. (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks)
● Our political, religious, and/or cultural beliefs are the cornerstone of our identity. (Mark Gerzon)
● Our inclination to act well towards others, whatever its source, tends to be confined to those with whom we share a common identity. (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks)
● Deuteronomy contains the word “love” more than any other …

Finding Ourselves in the Middle of Nowhere

Once we are thrown out, or walk out of our “Egypt”, what is known, what is familiar, what is habit -- is wiped away. We wonder, where are we, where do we go, what will happen now? In the Biblical context, we enter the Midbar, Wilderness in Hebrew. What’s interesting is that in the Biblical context, when many important individuals and groups encounter their Higher Power, a Deity, or their Highest Self – regardless of which -- everyone and everything is changed – everything is different. The trajectory of life goes in another, unexpected direction. Read Rabbi Leynor’s complete blog at –

No One Church that was Catholic or Universal until 325 CE

The following is from Blasphemy: Verbal Offense against the Sacred from Moses to Salman Rushdie by Leonard W. Levy, page 32:
Until at least 325 CE, when the Council of Nicaea formulated the first creed (at least for the Eastern division of the Roman Empire), there were Christian churches but not a Christian church, not one that was catholic, or universal. Nor did Nicaea settle anything.
The dissident parties, who were condemned as blasphemers and heretics by the emperor and council, soon became dominant, won the support of the state, and controlled most of the churches. That reversed the definition of orthodoxy until another emperor made possible a reaffirmation of the Nicene Creed at the Council of Constantinople in the year 381.
The Trinitarian victory was not secure until confirmed by the council of Chalcedon in 451. Not until the fifth century did the Roman Catholic Church have the power to enforce its theology as orthodoxy.
The Council of Nicaea in 325 laid the memetic foundation u…

May 2017 edition of Understanding Our Biblical Heritages Online

Articles and features in the May 2017 edition of Understanding Our Biblical Heritages:
A Conversation about “the Bible” By Dr. Ike Tennison & Jim Myers
When Nothing Will Ever Be the Same By Rabbi Jeffery Leynor
Shavu’ot By Jim Myers
Some Tips for Better Understanding Yeshua’s Life & Teachings By Jim Myers
The Spanish Inquisition By Jim Myers
May Memorials Remembering those whose lives inspired us.
Read or download this newsletter in PDF format – CLICK HERE

Parenting Lessons from the First Murder of the Bible

There is no question about who committed the murder – Cain murdered Abel! But when we look at the entire context of the story, which began in Genesis 1:1, it raises some interesting questions like these -- Did Cain understand the potential consequences of his actions? Was it possible for Cain to even understand what murder was? Keep in mind no human had witnessed or experienced at this point in the text. This was a first in human history. Read complete article at --

Is your belief system large enough?

Jim Myers created this guideline in the late 1980s as a guide for people to use in his Bible studies when disagreements arose over conflicting beliefs. It is now the Primary Guideline of the Biblical Heritage Center and the TOV Center. If you agree please share it.

Biblical Heritage Center
TOV Center

Important Questions We Need to Answer about Our Scriptures

While the “canon of scripture” means “the list of books accepted as Holy Scripture”, the other sense of “canon” – rule or standard – has rubbed off on this one, so that the “canon of scripture” is understood to be the list of books which are acknowledged to be, in a unique sense, the rule of belief and practice.
Questions that we should be able to answer about our “Scriptures”:
(1) How did certain documents -- and these only -- come to receive this recognition?
(2) Who, if any one, decided that these -- and no others -- should be admitted to the list of the Holy Scriptures?
(3) What were the criteria which influence this (#2) decision?

Source: The Canon of Scripture By F. F. Bruce; © 1988 F. F. Bruce; InterVarsity Press; Downers Grove, IL; p. 18.

What Yeshua Did Not Do (WYDND)