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Last Day to Make 2011 Donation

This is the final day to make a donation for 2011. You must make your donation online for it to be received in 2011. You may send your donation by mail if you do not need for it to be a deduction in 2011.  
Every gift helps BHC produce and distribute educational materials that raise the awareness of and provide information about the origin and historical development of our biblical heritages – beliefs, doctrines, rituals and organizations. We have exciting new projects planned for 2012.
We are very grateful and thankful for your interest and your support – you make BHC’s work possible. For information and links to make your donation click on --
We wish you a very happy & healthy New Year!
Shalom,  Jim Myers  Biblical Heritage Center, Inc.

Please remember BHC in your year-end giving

Every gift, large or small,  supports BHC's work of raising the awareness of and providing information about the origin and historical development of our biblical heritages – beliefs, doctrines, rituals and organizations. We are very grateful and thankful for your prayers and your support. 
You may make a donation online to make sure it is received in 2011 or you may send it by mail if you do not need it to be a deduction in 2011.  For information and links to make your donation click on --
We sincerely thank you for your interest in our work and encourage you to share it with others.
Shalom, Jim Myers Biblical Heritage Center, Inc.

Washington & Jefferson on the Dangers of Political Parties

George Washington shared his hopes for the new nation, but also warned of a great danger that could bring the new nation to its end in his “Farwell Address.” The underlines have been added for emphases.
The unity of government whichconstitutes you one people is also now dear to you. It is justly so, for it is a main pillar in the edifice of your real independence, the support of your tranquility at home, your peace abroad; of your safety; of your prosperity; of that very liberty which you so highly prize. But as it is easy to foresee that, from different causes and from different quarters, much pains will be taken, many artifices employed to weaken in your minds the conviction of this truth; as this is the point in your political fortress against which the batteries of internal and external enemies will be most constantly and actively (though often covertly and insidiously) directed, it is of infinite moment that you should properly estimate the immense value of your national union t…

Make a special end of year donation now & help BHC prepare for 2012

Do you find the information that Biblical Heritage Center makes available on its website, Google Group, Blog, Twitter, Facebook or Discovering the Bible helpful? How about the audio and videos found on the pages of Dr. Ike Tennison or Rabbi Jeffry Leynor?
We understand the difficult economic pressures that many face today and that is why we provide access to the above BHC resources without charge. We have found that many times the people who need this information the most are not able to pay for it. We appreciate those who have contributed to our work that make everything available for so many others.BHC is completely funded by the gifts we receive from individuals. It is not associated with or funded by any religious institution.
Please consider making a special year end donation that will help fund our work in the coming year. If our resources are helpful for you, and you are able to help financially, you contribution will make a big difference and help BHC.
If you have never donated…

The most common misconceptions about the birth of Jesus

Every year millions of people hear the Christmas story. Many of us played different roles in school plays. The typical story goes like this:
“It’s about 2000 years ago, the evening of December 25. Mary rides into Bethlehem on a donkey, urgently needing to deliver her baby. Although it’s an emergency, all the innkeepers turn them away. So they deliver baby Jesus in a stable. Then angels sing to the shepherds. Afterwards, they all join three kings with camels in worshipping the quiet, newborn.”
The problem is, this story may be almost entirely wrong. Discover what the Gospels actually say and what has been added to the story that is not in the Bible at --

Islamic Jihad rise in Gaza challenges Hamas rule

Since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2007, killing and expelling Fatah militiamen, it never faced a real challenge to its rule. Until now its main adversary today is Islamic Jihad, which until about a year ago was considered one of Hamas’s proxies that heeded its authority and regularly fell in line with Hamas policy on when and when not to attack Israel.

In recent months though, Islamic Jihad has made an impressive leap in its capabilities and military infrastructure. This is a direct result of Iran’s decision to divert funds traditionally allocated to Hamas to Islamic Jihad instead.
Read complete article at --

The Invisible Rulers Who Are Trying to Manipulate Our Minds

The father of the modern profession of the “spin doctor” was Edward Bernays. In the opening paragraph of his 1928 book, Propaganda, Bernays wrote (underlines added for emphasis):
The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.
In his book Crystallizing Public Opinion Bernard reveals some very interesting conclusions about the public:
(1) It is axiomatic that men who know little are often intolerant of a point of view that is contrary to their own.
(2) Personal attack supersedes logic.
(3) Intolerance is almost inevitably accompanied by natural and true inability to comprehend or make allowance for opposite points of view.
The workings of the gregarious instinct in man result frequently in conduct of the most remarkable complexity, but it is characterized by all of …

Paul's Gospel of Christ or Peter's Gospel of Jesus?

Theophilus wants to know if what he had been taught about Jesus was true? He lived at a time where there were two very different Gospels in circulation. Paul had his own Gospel, the Gospel of Christ, but the Jerusalem Apostles that Jesus had called taught the Gospel of Jesus? In order to find the answer he asked Luke to conduct a full investigation. Read this article at --

The Biblical Heritage Center provides information through its website, groups, blog, Facebook & Twitter without charge. We know many people have been hurt by the current economic downfall and are jobless. We want to help as many people as possible. If you find our information helpful, will you please help now by making a generous year-end tax-deductible donation? Your help is greatly appreciated. For more information click go to --

New Support for Alleged Noah’s Ark Discovery

In 2010, the Hong Kong organization Noah’s Ark Ministries International or NAMI announced they had discovered the legendary vessel on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey and were subsequently accused of perpetrating a hoax. Now, a professional archaeologist states there is significant merit to their discovery.

Harvard University educated archaeologist and director of the Paleontological Research Corporation, Dr. Joel Klenck, surveyed the site, analyzed the archaeological remains and completed a comparative study. “The site is remarkable”, states Klenck.
Located at elevations above 4,200 meters on Mount Ararat and covered by layers of ice and stones, he states: “The site is wonderfully preserved, exhibits a wide array of plant materials including structures made of cypress and one room with a floor covered by chickpea seeds.” Klenck additionally notes, “I was most impressed by the artifactual assemblage, particularly the basalt bowls, stone cores and debitage.” 
“The site is no hoax,” Klenck …