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'Naked Archaeologist' finds signs Jerusalem cave was used to bury Jesus' disciples

Under an ordinary residential building in Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, a robotic arm with a camera inserted into a Second Temple-era burial cave has revealed mysterious inscriptions and drawings on ossuaries. Simcha Jacobovici, an Emmy-winning documentary director and producer who is best known for his documentary TV series "The Naked Archaeologist," argues that the cave served as a burial cave for at least some of Jesus' disciples.
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Does God Just Wink When Our Sins Hurt Others?

Our religious belief systems play a major role in creating our realities, what we believe about God and how we treat others. How we answer the above question depends on what our religious beliefs are. Finding the answer begins with how we define sin. Religions have very different definitions for this very familiar word. It must be noted that even groups or denominations of one religion may have significant differences, too. . . . What does God think about those who harm those “made in His image” and never do anything to repair the damage they have done or attempt to repair broken relationships?
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Letting the Bible Tell Its Own Stories

The Bible is the most famous book in the history of the world and there are many different beliefs about it. Some believe that the words of their Bible are the inerrant and infallible word of God. Others say they are inspired by God, but are not to be taken literally. And, still others view them as traditions, legends and myths. What people believe about the Bible makes a big difference in the way its words affect their lives. 
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