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'Gate to Hell' unearthed by archaeologists in Turkey

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have unearthed the remnants of an ancient mythological cave, ominously described as being the ‘gate to hell.' The fabled gate to the underworld, discovered in Turkey, is referred to in legend as Pluto’s Gate.The ancient cave was commemorated in Greco-Roman mythology and traditions as the doorway to the ‘underworld.’
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Pharaoh vs. Two Midwives

The Pharaoh of Egypt, a living god of the Egyptians, was afraid and living in dread of the Israelites. He was the leader of the Egyptian armies. Wouldn’t you think he would mobilize his armies and attack the Israelites? So, what does he do? Pharaoh comes up with another plan – a really strange one when you think about it -- he mobilizes two midwives and gives them orders! This is a story that every Bible reader should know and teach their children – especially their daughters. Read complete article at --