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The New Sanhedrin and the Gospels of Luke and Matthew

  The Gospel of Mark was written around 72 CE. Roman armies were wrapping up their operation in Judea. It had been two years since the Temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed. After Mark wrote his Gospel and before Luke wrote his, a very important event took place that isn’t mentioned in the New Testament . Johanan ben Zakkai was the youngest of all the learned disciples in the academy of Hillel. Before the Temple was destroyed, it became clear him that the Jews would lose to the Romans. If Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed, which was inevitable, how would the Jews survive as a people?  Roman Emperor Vespasian made a decision changed history. Continue reading at -
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Exploring Jesus in the Book of Mark: Part 2

  The destruction of the Jerusalem Temple created chaos in all Jewish communities! It was a primary reason the Gospel of Mark was written. Roman armies were still in the final stages of wrapping up the attacks in Judea in 72 CE when this Gospel was written. In Part 1 we explored the first verse in Mark and learned it meant this: “ The beginning of the good news of Jesus the Anointed One, the Son of Yahweh!” Continue reading at -

Exploring Jesus in the Book of Mark: Part 1

  The primary purpose of this email is to introduce you to the skills required to explore the Bible. Regardless of whether you are a believer or an atheist, you need to be able to participate in “informed and accurate” discussions about biblical texts. Bible verses are being quoted in religious, political, and economic discussions. This exploration is a scouting trip that will give you the general “ lay of the land ” – the ancient text of the first verses in Mark. Continue reading at -

We Must Examine Our Own Belief Systems ASAP!

  One fact we must prioritize is this: There is no one Judaism, no one Christianity, and no one Islam. Jewish, Christian, and Muslim are “umbrella terms.” This is the 21 st century and we know a lot about their histories. We have access to powerful technologies. We have to learn how to see, examine, and discuss the very big elephants that are in the room. Most people know they are there, but don’t how to talk about them! Continue reading at -

The Bible’s Wisdom of the Beginnings: Family 101

  The Alliance in Genesis fulfills a foundational requirement for family in the Jewish culture of Yeshua, the Jesus of history. Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz provides very important details ( Simple Words: Thinking About What Really Matters In Life ). The Alliance in Genesis can serve as a starting place for a family contract and a social contract . For Christians, it can serve as a Kingdom of God contract, too . But the Alliance is only the beginning – The Bible’s Wisdom of the Beginnings has much more to add . Continue reading at -

In the Course of Human Events and the TOV Standard

  Citizens should be able to tell where their nation is collectively headed because they will be keeping up with current events. Citizens will be able to see and understand patterns and trends that emerge from these events. Citizens will not be like “mindless driftwood.” Citizens will protect lives, preserve lives, make lives more functional, increase the quality of life, and they will know where the money is going. Continue reading at -

The Alliance in Genesis and the Declaration of Independence

  Today I want to show you how The Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776) is linked to The First Story in Genesis (450 BCE) and the teachings of Yeshua aka the Jesus of history. They are all very well-known, powerful, and popular documents – and the least understood documents by generations of Americans and Bible readers . Continue reading at -