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The Mystery of the Third Blessing

The first account in Genesis begins and ends with mysteries. The first mystery is that before the beginning, the unidentified god (the Creator), darkness and deep waters existed. The account ends with the second mystery -- Creator’s blessing of the Seventh Day. in the eyes of ancient readers the Seventh Day would have be seen as the most important of the seven days. Continue reading at -
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But what if a lot of us have been wrong about a lot of things . . . maybe about life after death?

How many of us have spent a lot of our lives being wrong -- not about everything – but about some important things. Now let’s expand that thought to generations of people who lived their whole lives being wrong about some big things? Continue reading at --

Discovering Ancient Wisdom Embedded in the words of Genesis

As we study the words of the opening accounts of Genesis we will help you see the its words through the eyes of the scribes too – and you will be amazed by the ancient wisdom embedded in stories you may have heard all of your life. Continue reading at --

Knowing the difference between self-evident truths and religious truths.

To invoke the “Creator” as the only basis of the “‘truths” of the new nation would be a very authoritarian and religious approach to truth. In his original rough draft, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths sacred and undeniable . . .” But that is not what we find in the Declaration of Independence. Continue reading at --