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The Facts About Two Christian Biblical Heritages During the Holocaust

  Germany was a nation with a 94% Christian population. Germany murdered 20% of Poland’s total population, six million Polish citizens – three million Polish Jews and three million Polish Christians. This is a very good reason for Jews to not trust Christians and to have a difficult time considering that Jesus was a Jew. This makes the book, The Holocaust, The Church, and the Law of Unintended Consequences , by Judge Anthony J. Sciolino, a very important for both Jews and Christians to read. Continue reading at -
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The Power of TOV in Our Lives & Biblical Heritages

  In August 1939 Witold Pilecki lived in Poland’s eastern borderlands, his family owned an orchard and 550 acres of wheat fields. By the end of September, Poland had been annexed by the Nazis and over five million Catholic Poles and Jews were being expelled to make room for German settlers. Killing squads rounded up and shot some 20,000 members of the Polish educated and professional classes. One year later he volunteered to intentionally get captured and sent to a new Nazi camp. Germany and Poland were nations with populations that were over 90% Christians. This is part of history we need to know. Continue reading at -

The Original Jewish Jesus Movement, AI, and the Future

Membership requirements in the Yeshua Movement, the original Jesus Movement, can be summed up by many quotes attributed to him in the Synoptic Gospels. I will provide a few of his most well-known quotes. This message was lost soon after the Second Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. The membership message was replaced by a different message soon thereafter. Continue reading at -  

Isaiah and Jesus Proclaimed “Cain’s Need to Know Message”

The Torah was read in synagogues every Shabbat (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown). As years passed, the stories were heard many many times. They weren’t “ religious stories ” for the people living in the Second Temple Period – stories about an abstract invisible God . For them, “ approaching God ” was something that people went to the Temple to do every day. It was a very serious decision. Continue reading at -  

“Need-to-Know” Info About God

In my previous email, I put myself in in Cain’s story and asked readers to “ponder that for a while!” By “ponder” I mean let your brain’s super high speed information subconscious processer (the elephant) “google” your life experiences to see if it can find any that match Cain’s experience of being ignored by Yahweh when he brought Him his gifts. My brain found several of life experiences – one made me visualize God sending a bolt of lightning taking me out. Continue reading at -  

Did You Know Yahweh Accepts Angry People?

  Bible stories have brought joy and comfort, as well as learning important things to billions of readers who read the Bible in two ways. However, most of those “billions” were not Jewish. Jews use a third way to read a Bible story at the same time every year. Jesus was a Jew and knew the third way. I used it to write this email. Continue reading at -

Is a Bible Story Written 2700 Years Ago Relevant to Lives Today?

  Jesus used a parable to take members of Jewish crowds hearing him back to stories they had heard all of their lives. Stories about their Creator, an Elohim , a type of entity that is different from all other entities . The English word “god” does not accurately describe or apply to the Creator. Creation stories from other ancient cultures contain many stories about gods, but they are not entities like the Elohim in Genesis. He did something no god did for humans! Continue reading at -