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Discovering the Hidden Wisdom in the Bible’s Stories of the Beginnings

  Ancient scribes used juxtaposition s to highlight differences in stories in which similarities may be found that both stories share. In other words, what appears to be a difference at first, is actually a different view of the same thing. That is how we find the Bible’s wisdom embedded in the stories of Genesis. It is a wisdom treasure chest, full of wisdom that applies to lives today. Continue reading at -
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How to Spot Things that Need to be Explored in the Bible

  There are many benefits for those who explore the Bible and talk about what they discover. This email will show you an easy way to spot things to explore. All you have to do is something that comes natural for Americans – spotting differences in things . You can even turn this into a game that can played with children. Spot the differences between two very well-known Bible verses. Continue reading at -

Laying the Foundation for Exploring the Bible in 2023

  I realized that I have been writing to you about things that Ike (Dr. Tennison), Jeffrey (Rabbi Leynor) and I had been researching for many years. I was focusing on bit and pieces of a lot of Bible stories. But you didn’t have the whole story in front of you, like we did. It is important for you to be familiar with the whole story before you begin exploring specific parts of it. So, I will be sending you BHC’s versions of Bible stories first, and then exploring them with you. This email includes the first part of the first story in Genesis. Continue reading at -

Wrestling With Conflicting Biblical Texts and Our Beliefs

  For 30 of those years, Ike (Dr. Tennison) and Jeffrey (Rabbi Leynor), and I (Jim Myers) explored the Bible as a team. Ike, Jeffrey, and I brought unique associations each of us had acquired through our personal life experiences to the team – university professor, ordained minister, member of rock band, ordained rabbi, banker, and ordained minister. Jeffrey and I also shared experiences as law enforcement chaplains. I noticed that Ike and I used our Scriptures in a different way than Jeffrey used his Scriptures. Continue reading at -

What is the Creator’s Highest Value?

  The first story in Genesis is not about the creation of the universe. It is not about theologies, supernatural creatures, or morals. It is not about individuals. It is about the Creator’s TOV Standard and the creation of the Creator’s Kingdom on Earth. Would you like create social environments in which humans live complete, rich, healthy, wholesome, harmonious, successful, and secure lives? Continue reading at -

In Search of the Father’s Will on Earth

  It is important to understand that my Christian Biblical Heritage brought Jeffrey and me to the first story in Genesis. But once we arrived at the ancient Hebrew text of Genesis we were in Jeffrey’s Jewish Biblical Heritage. The Jewish Jesus was never part of any Christian Biblical Heritage. He was born from a Jewish mother, circumcised when he was eight days old, taught Jewish Scriptures . . . Words paint pictures in minds. What pictures do words of the Bible paint in your mind? Continue reading at -

We Did Not Have a Clue to What “God Rested” Meant!

  What did Jesus mean when he said, “inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world?” BHC’s Primary Guideline and Linguistic Model led Jim Myers and Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor to the first story in Genesis – “God rested.” Words such as “rest” are easy to overlook because they are so familiar. However, our linguistic approach raised a red flag because we know common words often hold the key to making big discoveries. Continue reading at -