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What do you believe about the Bible?

What do you believe about the Bible? How would you answer this question?
● Some would say that “the Bible is the inerrant and infallible word of God.
● Others would say “the Bible is a fiction book.”
Both of those answers are wrong!
The correct response is – Which Bible?
These are the facts:
(1) Over the past 1,900 years there have been a number of different books called “The Bible.”
(2) During that period there have been a number of different beliefs about those books.
Since we are now living in the Information Age and have more knowledge available to us than any group of humans that have ever lived, shouldn’t it be our responsibility to examine beliefs like this that affect so many lives? We created a guideline to remind us of this responsibility and help us do it.
My beliefs will be large enough to include all facts, open enough to be examined, and flexible enough to change if errors or new facts are discovered.
Those of us with Christian Biblical Heritages have an obligation to make tra…

Prewired Moral Compass and Trust

Every newborn arrives with a considerably complex brain that is flexible and subject to change – and a Prewired Moral Radar in its genes. Infants are prewired to move in one of two directions when their Moral Radar identifies specific types of human behaviors. Read the complete blog at --

What Does God Want People To Do?

What does God want people to do? This is obviously a loaded question, but to answer it we need to answer two more questions first.
(1) Which God?
(2) What people?
For most of my friends from the Christian heritages that I grew up with, the answer to the first question is either “Jesus” or “the Trinity.” For most of my friends from the Jewish traditions the answer is “Yahweh” or a euphemism (HaShem) for the unpronounceable name. And then there my atheists friends who say, “There is no god, so don’t worry about it!” Read the complete blog at --

Do You Know the Differences Between Pleasure and Happiness?

Pleasure and happiness are both positive emotions, highly valued by humans, and both reasons for initiative and personal betterment. It’s hard to be happy if you derive no pleasure for your efforts — but this is exactly what is seen in the various forms of addiction. Read the complete blog at --